Annual Meeting Papers

Focus on Fellows Papers

The Focus on Fellows series encourages Fellows of the CAES (especially those who have retired) to remain active and contributing members of the organization and, also, to provide a forum where Fellows' perspectives on Canadian agricultural issues, gained through a lifetime of research and experience, could be discussed with junior members of the profession and graduate students. The research reports published in this series are presented in a dedicated symposium at the CAES annual meeting, and include completed research, works in progress or thought-provoking information pieces. The papers have not been peer reviewed. Any opinions expressed in this series of reports represent those of the authors and not of the officials of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society.

Papers Presented in 2016

Improving Prospects for Agriculture and Food Security through International Trade - The Free Traders Win the Arguments but the Protectionists Get the Votes, by William A. Kerr

Papers Presented in 2015

The Evolution of Agricultural Support Policy in Canada, by Douglas Hedley

The Rise and Fall of the Canadian Wheat Board, by Bill Miner

50 Years of Measuring Support to Agriculture in Canada: Overview and Interpretation, by Lars Brink

Papers Presented in 2014

Canadian Supply Management: Challenges of the Past, Present and Future, by Michele Veeman

Options for Exit from Supply Management in World of Growing Milk Product Demand, by Richard Barichello

Supply Management as a Risk Management Tool: Has it been Successful? by Douglas Hedley

Past Selected Papers

CAES selected papers presented at annual meetings that are submitted to AgEcon Search may be accessed and downloaded from AgEcon Search. At AgEcon Search please select "Canadian Agricultural Economics Society" - [year] and click "Select Institution". At "Select Search Options" click "Display all Records for the Institution".

Past Organized Symposia

Click on a year of interest to view the list of CAES organized symposia topics and papers presented in each session. Some presentations may be downloaded as PDFs.