Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of its members is a high priority for the CAES. This privacy policy sets out general guidelines directing the Society's use of member information.

Membership Information

A list of CAES members and contact information is maintained by the CAES Executive for the purposes of managing the Society's affairs and for communication with members regarding Society issues, events, newsletters, publications, etc. Membership information is also maintained by the society's membership service provider on behalf of CAES for the purposes of managing membership subscriptions.

When holding joint annual meetings with other Societies or Associations that have responsibility for conference registration, the names of CAES members are shared with the partner organization to ensure that CAES members are given the appropriate member discount on conference registration fees.

Other than the situations previously noted, third parties wishing to distribute information to CAES members must apply to the CAES Board of Directors. Information that is deemed to be of interest to members may be distributed by the CAES at the discretion of the Board. Lists of member names and contact details are not made available to third parties, including individual members unless considered in the interests of the members. In these situations, a motion would have to be passed by the Board authorising access to the membership list.

Credit Card Information

All credit card information for payment of membership fees, conference registrations, etc. will be destroyed within a reasonable time (e.g. three months after the function or until completion of the annual audit). Credit card information needed for administrative purposes is kept in a secure cabinet and/or on a secure computer until destroyed.